Items we cannot move
We reserve the right to potentially refuse to move items due to legal, health or safety reasons to protect both our teams and you. Some examples of these items are: Illegal substances (e.g. drugs), stolen or counterfeit goods, possible explosive materials, animals and firearms. It is discretionary to the member of our team that attends you on the day as to whether they agree to assist you in moving if these items are present. We reserve the right to refuse any booking if we feel there is a substantial risk to human health from items such as human/animal faeces/waste, sewage, broken glass, evidence of drug use etc. If we decide lifting or moving items will result in our staff being contaminated/dirtied/injured or it is not clean/safe/stable enough to go in any of our vehicles, the items will not be moved.

Providing parking is the responsibility of the customer.  If there is no parking pre-arranged, any parking fines received during the job will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer on completion of the job. 

Congestion charges and toll fees
There will be an extra charge when passing through the London or any other Congestion Charge Zone. We do aim to include this in the quote, although we also reserve the right to add on the price of tolls because of customer error/incorrect details/changing the time of the booking/job etc. 


Arrival/delivery times
We will do our best to arrive within the time specified. However, in the event of running behind schedule it is our policy to notify customers via phone or text message immediately.


Packing and moving the goods
We accept no responsibility for damage or any breakages to items that have not been packed by us, or protected by adequate means. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises.

Hazardous/Dangerous Working Conditions​

We reserve the right to terminate any further work if we feel it is unsafe. Customers will be invoiced up until the time at which the danger was discovered. Any deposit will be lost and we will look to be reimbursed for any damages, monies or resources lost.


Insurance Policy
Each van load is covered for loss or damage of up to £1,000,000 of the customer's goods during transit. If any damages occur, we must be informed within 3 working days as a condition of the insurance policy. You will then be asked to confirm any details of suspected damage in writing and photos for us to pursue the issue further. If you fail to inform us within 3 working days of the move, we won’t be able to pursue insurance claims so it is absolutely imperative you contact us immediately. 


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